ICT Capital Brand Guide - 2021_ICT - Square

Development Solutions

Built on Integrity, Creativity and Transparency

It is not what we do that is important, it is why we do it. That is to provide our client with a level of confidence and security in knowing that we can develop an asset on their behalf. We provide them with a piece of property in which they can conduct a successful business.

Our Specialties


Value-add properties
(Retail, Multifamily, Residential, Industrial)


Ground-up development and
redevelopment opportunities

Tenant Design & Build
Build-to-suit projects
focused on tenants’ needs
Joint Ventures & Partnerships
Joint venture opportunities for
developers and investors

We deeply care for our commercial and residential tenants. We like to give them positive experiences, whether that is a place of business or a place of living. Our goal is to build long-term relationships.

ICT Capital Brand Guide - 2021_ICT - Square

Integrity. Creativity. Transparency. It’s more than our name; it’s our commitment to our partners.

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